About 'Bravo Productions'

Bravo Productions is made up of young entrepreneurs and theatre enthusiasts, Hannah Rotchell and Oliver Tourle. They have both worked professionally in the industry for years in a variety of ways; Hannah as a Professional Dancer and Oliver as Professional Theatre Technician and Performer. Their joint love of the arts led to Bravo Productions being established in November 2019. They have been doing everything they can to keep the arts alive, especially during the pandemic.

Credits; Musical Theatre Leading Ladies, Starring Kerry Ellis (Tonbridge Castle, July 2019), A Princess Picnic at The Castle (Tonbridge Castle, July 2019), Rising Star – The Show (The EM Forster Studio Theatre, November 2019), The “Castle Cabaret” Weekend (Tonbridge Castle Chamber Room, January 2020), Onstage at The EM Forster Theatre – Virtual Concerts, supporting local artists (August & November 2020), Comedy at The Castle, LIVE: Onstage and The IDA Girls as part of “On the Castle Lawn” – Live socially distanced events at Tonbridge Castle (September 2020), Keep Calm and Kerry On – Wicked Podcast Special (Shaftesbury Avenue – London, September 2020), 2020 Fizzion with The Fizz (The EM Forster Theatre, September 2020) with a subsequent DVD release.

Bravo are so grateful to everyone for supporting their journey as a production company to date.  Thank you – it means the world! You can keep following our work at @bravoproductionsltd.

Oliver Tourle

I have to say, I remember so vividly the productions I used to create in my bedroom when I was as young as 7. From using a lot of blu-tack to stick a large (definitely not big enough) sheet of crêpe paper to the ceiling to act as my backdrop, to, when I got older, and more responsible, spending my pocket-money on a disco light and a smoke machine for my bedroom - Yes, a smoke machine! I just had to be extra careful I didn’t set off the smoke alarm.

I persisted at my local theatre and lost count of the amount of work experience placements I had there. I kept popping up and didn’t leave people alone until I was lucky enough to start working in that same theatre where I first went to as a child with my grandparents. Over the years, I feel so proud to have worked on such a range of productions in theatre, television and met an array of pretty incredible people whilst doing so. Of course, I worked a few crazy jobs in-between theatre work too, without realising what an impact they also had on me.

When I was growing up, I never knew what exactly I wanted to do as a career. A lot of people have a solid idea, a single dream, but I had far too many! I love performing, singing and making people laugh (not at my singing), technical things, production, direction, art, video editing and just being creative. I was always a bit of an anomaly when it came to the careers advisor at school! I didn’t train at university or college because I couldn’t pin-point that one interest, but I suppose when you’re young and brave, you just get stuck into everything. So, when I realised I could work towards every dream at once, Bravo Productions came along.

It makes my life to create. The feeling that live performance can bring to an audience as it whisks them away from the world for two hours just astounds me. The music we hear that can move us and become a soundtrack throughout our lives just from that first time you heard it. The magic a child can witness before their very eyes when they visit at theatre for the very first time.

At Bravo, I like to think that my wacky ideas come from the kid inside me to inspire the next generation, just like how I am inspired by the performers and people I have had in my life.

Keep supporting us and watch out for that inner child of mine!

Hannah Rotchell

From a young age, I have always loved being creative. Well… some call it creative - others may call it a little loud and rather wild!

I am a born and bread Tonbridge girl that attended Hillview School for girls, before going to train as a professional Contemporary dancer at London Contemporary Dance School. After graduating with a First Class BA hons I furthered my training with Jasmin Vardimon’s JV2 in Ashford, before embarking into the industry and performing with companies such as;
Stopgap Dance Company, Casson and Friends, Made by Katie Green, Jasmin Vardimon, Full House Theatre and Springs Dance Company for a number of years. As well as performing, I also have a huge love of choreography and direction too. I have the pleasure of being the contemporary dance teacher at Associates Dance School and I am also the Co-director and Teacher for ‘This Is Us Youth Dance Company', an inclusive dance company in Tunbridge Wells. I truly believe that the arts is for everyone and everyone deserves access to it.

Oliver and I both share a huge passion for the arts and everything it can do for an individuals well being. We joined together as Bravo Productions in 2019 to ensure we could begin working with the community and creating opportunities for local talent to be involved with professional platforms. We love meeting and working with so many new and wonderful people! We love doing all we can to turn an idea into reality. So, do check out our services page to see if there is anything we can do for you! We love seeing a blank canvas and knowing that anything could be possible - as long as you believe. Well I say that… Ollie is usually the one with the vision and I am usually the one to question everything about it and shoot it down for a couple of hours, until I realise its a cracking idea after all!!

I believe our creative mindset and determination has allowed us to explore so many new avenues and we are really excited for the future. The pandemic has meant that we have needed to find new ways of keeping the arts alive - it hasn’t been easy - but my goodness, we have learnt a lot! It has made us resilient, strong and excited for the future of Bravo. Thank you to everyone who has supported our journey to date, your support means so much to us! We cannot wait to bring LIVE entertainment back!

Bravo Productions