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“Let’s give ‘em a show, as only Bullfrog can do!”

Fifteen months after learning the first number, Bullfrog Productions brings you their fifteen-year anniversary musical extravaganza! A show rehearsed through a screen, brought to life by students past and present. The show is a celebration of everything Bullfrog is, a look back at our fifteen-year history, and a preview of the exciting things still to come. From high-energy hand jives to four-part harmony ballads- sit back (or stand up!) and enjoy the magic of Bullfrog Productions…

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In April 2020, rehearsals started for our 15 Year Celebration Performance, however, within just a few weeks, we were forced to stop as Lockdown began. Bullfrog was faced with the question of what to do next; stop for the foreseeable OR adapt and carry on. We chose to carry on!

Classes started on Zoom and in September 2020 we had a glimmer of hope. We start socially distanced rehearsals in small groups at the studios, but this was short-lived as we entered into the second lockdown! The remainder of our show was created and rehearsed in everyone’s homes, on Zoom.

With four weeks to go, we returned to the studio to see what our show looked like and I was honestly amazed at what we had created. The Teachers had gone above and beyond and the students had followed in their footsteps and worked so hard. The Alumni then gathered to rehearse, and we quickly realised that this would be a really special memory for us to share after a very difficult year.

I wish you as the audience could have witnessed this performance in person. Yet, at the same time, I don’t, because this is a very special moment within the lifespan of Bullfrog. Bravo Productions have made a fantastic recording to cherish the moment that we all came home again!

Holly x

Bravo Productions