"Bravo Productions champion and celebrate the arts like no other company I know. At a time where we had little to no work, they created opportunities for artists to showcase their skills and reconnect to a lost audience. Everything Bravo does is driven by a true passion for the arts, which is something we all need to be reminded of."Natalie
"How brilliant is this new way of seeing live performance? We all had such a lovely time in our bubble, I cannot wait for more events like this from Bravo Productions. Local production/local talent/local venue/local food. Smashed it. "Katie
"Don't just watch your favourite artist - perform with them! (Ripping Chery's skirt off at my wedding in June 2019)"David
"I have been lucky enough to experience a fair few Bravo shows, both onstage and backstage, and every one of them is pure joy!! They sure do know how to put on a show. Thank you Bravo Productions for always keeping theatre magic alive and kicking!"Betsy
"I have been there from the very start and this duo and their associates have already diversified to do a large variety of shows and events. They are based in the local area but have the talent and expertise and the knowledge and know-how to work on the widest scale. I am following their future development with great interest! What a partnership they are!"Keith
"It's the first time we had actually ever "worked" on an event together. It was the only event I worked on last year (other than Christmas) which makes it all the more special to me. I got to support two of my best friends put on an amazing event, even against all the odds of Covid! "Frank & Alex
" I don’t know of any other events team that has battled as passionately, or as successfully, as Bravo has to continue to provide such high quality arts entertainment during a global pandemic. They truly love what they do and the audiences they reach."Hannah
"Bravo never disappoints. From the quality of the artists to the helpfulness of the staff, and everything inbetween you are sure to have a fantastic evening. They create such a warm, inviting and exciting atmosphere you just have to go back every time. I can't wait to watch them grow to even higher heights, keep it up guys!"Chloe
"Every Bravo Productions event we have been to has been firstly innovative, secondly beautifully organised and most of all a lot of fun!  They are always thinking outside of the box and have the creative arts at their core, whether for audience members or performers."Jan & Bob
"In absolute awe of what Ollie, Hannah & Bravo productions have achieved. So lucky to have such an amazing company on our doorstep bringing us the best entertainment. Always look forward to a Bravo production."Tina
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"I love you guys! xxx"

Kerry Ellis - Singer & Actress

"I have worked with Bravo Productions several times now and each time they have personified professionalism.   I performed at The EM Forster Theatre in Tonbridge with my colleagues, Mike Nolan and Jay Aston, and Ollie and Hannah ensured that the event was covid-safe at all times and our audience were socially-distanced and masked - we felt that they could not have have done more to ensure everyones’ safety.     Apart from that gig, I have done several personal jobs with them and they have been organised and professional throughout, as well as being jolly nice, hard-working people!"

Cheryl Baker - Singer & Presenter

"I have worked with Bravo Productions over the last year. They are consummate professionals and have shown a great deal of creativity throughout the pandemic to continue to produce events with us. Bravo have produced eight events with us since November 2019 these events have been very well organised and the attention to detail has meant they have been able to go ahead even with COVID-19 around. With us they have focussed on supporting and promoting local performers and the shows have been varied and delivered with a creative eye which makes an exciting event for both performer and the audience."

Kat Portman Smith - Theatre Director, EM Forster Theatre

"I have worked with Bravo productions for the last two years. Their work ethic and attention to detail is exemplary and they have been a pleasure to work with. The events that they have produced and managed are exceptional and are executed to an extremely high standard.   They managed despite the minefield of guidance and paperwork to put on a three night music festival at Tonbridge Castle this year amidst a pandemic. This should be highly commended and is evident of their hard work, dedication and passion to the arts. I have no hesitation in recommending them."

Karena Harmer - Leisure Services Officer for Tonbridge & Malling Borough Council

"Ollie and Hannah's energy and love for the arts shines through in everything they turn their hand to.  Bravo have brought several shows to Tonbridge Castle over the past two years and they've quickly gained a reputation in our community for their innovative, professional and passionate productions - the memories of which stay with their audiences long after the lights go down.  It has been a pleasure working with them both and I look forward to seeing what else they'll be delighting Tonbridge with in the future."

Jess Gibson - The TN card

"Bravo Productions have provided our students with many once in a lifetime opportunities. We were invited to perform with leading west end star, Kerry Ellis at Tonbridge Castle in 2019 and the students absolutely loved the whole experience. As well as this, Bravo Productions have produced and filmed two virtual concerts at our school. We were so lucky to have Hannah and Ollie taking our students through such a professional experience and they were encouraging and supportive to our students throughout the whole process. I thoroughly recommend Bravo Productions to be part of your event, be that in a professional setting or school setting. Their can-do attitude is refreshing and their creativity is an added bonus. Thank you for all you have done for us!"

Emma Donnellan - Teacher

Bravo Productions